quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

Wonders of the Human Body, BBC Explorations

Explorations this time examines the marvels and mysteries of the human mind and body. From brain implants to artificial intelligence, we explore the complexity and achievements of the human mind.
Up to the age of six months babies are able to swim comfortably underwater thanks to a reflex
that still puzzles scientists. Although we lose this reflex very early on, the most successful free divers can train their bodies to hold their breaths for up to six minutes. Free divers can plunge to amazing depths because they use their minds to control and over-rule their bodies natural instincts to breathe. Now experiments are being carried out to see if we can breathe liquids whilst underwater. Perfluorocarbons carry twenty five times more oxygen than water and deliver it to the lungs three times more effectively than air. Mice have survived in the liquid for several weeks. Once the liquid has drained away from their lungs, the mice make a complete recovery.

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