quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

Lucid Dreams, Discovery Channel

Human Body : Pushing The Limits - Brain Power.
The ending segment on dreams.

For information on lucid dreaming and instructional playlists see my channel. Please rate and comment.

A few things to try when your up to it.
-Teleport to other worlds:
-Pilot a ufo:
-the galaxies:

It's thought that the 'on button' to dreams is likely DMT or similar endogenous chemicals, as it's presents in the brain rises at night peaking around 4 am.
When taken artificially dmt portals you to realms of pure information inhabited by "self-transforming machine elves."

Once you begin lucid dreaming ask yourself... (slightly out of contex, but a great question none the less!)

"We are just at the brink of taking these various pieces of the god magician puzzle and putting them together, and figuring out, well what can you do? What do you do, if you can do anything? That's really the question at the end of history...Once you have overcome all limitation ...What is the human agenda?" -Terence Mckenna

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